About us

The company was launched in 1992 as a branch of the Dutch company Elproma Electronics. In the beginning, the enterprise dealt with the distribution of Printer Sharing Units and electromechanical components. The ever-changing market quickly nullified the need of providing printer sharing units on a large scale and Elproma Polska focused on the development of the distribution of high-quality switches and electromechanical connectors. We were one of the first companies in Poland, in the nineties, which set trends in the domestic production of electronics. Back then, awareness increased among Polish companies and they began to switch from Chinese components to high-quality products of well-known brands. It was possible thanks to a wide range of parts provided by well-known manufacturers such as C&K, Samtec, MEC, Carling and Lorlin.

A rich experience in distribution, built over a span of 12 years, allowed us to expand our portfolio with GSM / GPS components / modules which, in the years between 2002 and 2005, were the main segment of the dynamically evolving M2M (Machine to Machine communication) industry. Excellent knowledge of the Polish electronics production market enabled us to acquire Telit (previously Motorola) – a leader of this branch – as our partner. After achieving the best sales results in Europe, we were invited by Telit to form a technology partnership. We have changed from a 4-person company in 1993 to one employing 40 people in 2020.